Brome Lake Recreation and Community Services
270 Victoria St. ~ Knowlton, Qc. ~ 450-242-2020 ~
The mission of the Town of Brome Lake Community Services is to promote the development and maintenance of a wide variety of programs and facilities in the areas of community services, recreation and culture for the citizens of the Town of Brome Lake.
Our mandate covers: recreation, drop-in daycare, day camps, preteen dances, Brome Lake Food Bank, Wellness services for seniors, support for families, meeting rooms for community groups and information and referral.
Executive Director: Johanne Morin
Also located within the center: the CLSC Knowlton,
(tel: 450-242-2001),
Monday ~ Friday, 8am to noon, nurse on duty
Monday ~ Thursday, 8am to 9am for blood tests
Friday: Baby Clinic, call for info.